Privacy Policy

Lotto Result Website

The creation of Lotto Result had the objective of providing precise information about the results of the daily lotto draws conducted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, more popularly called PCSO.

To maintain the website’s trustworthiness, the Lotto Result team has implemented privacy safeguards and set up procedures to guarantee the security of the site’s content and accessibility.

Upon visiting the website at, exploring its content, and utilizing the information or materials presented in the published articles, individuals affirm their recognition and acceptance of the terms described below:


The administrators of the website have the prerogative to review and authorize the comments shared on the platform. With the intention of diminishing the occurrence of spam messages, the website collects the IP addresses and browser user agent strings of visitors.

The website administrators verify the identity of individuals who submit comments. Once approved, the commenters’ profile pictures will be displayed alongside their comments, viewable by the general audience.


As users upload images onto the Lotto Result website, the site’s administrators mandate the inclusion of embedded location data or EXIF GPS information. Site visitors are presented with the option to either import or export location data from the images they choose to share on the platform.


Lotto Result utilizes cookies to enhance the website’s performance for our visitors’ browsers. These cookies comprise information strings that visitors’ browsers may furnish during their subsequent visits to the site.

Upon your initial access to this website, a cookie is utilized to ascertain whether your browser accepts cookies. This specific cookie does not encompass your personal data and will be automatically deleted upon closing your browser.

Lotto Result’s intention is to offer users the convenience of not needing to re-enter their information during their future visits to the site. The duration of these cookies can last for up to one (1) year.

Both Google and third-party websites utilize cookies for advertising purposes. This enables Google and these third-party sites to exhibit ads to Lotto Result visitors based on their previous engagements with the website.

Who we share your data with

Various information is collected from website visitors by Lotto Result, which includes IP addresses, URLs, referral sources, computer specifications, connection details, and statistics regarding visitor behavior. Rest assured that these particulars will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will exclusively be used for the purpose of monitoring visitor information.

Authority over Lotto Result Privacy Policy

Lotto Result holds the sole prerogative to revise the privacy policies that oversee the utilization of this site. It is recommended that visitors peruse the privacy policy on each visit, as there might be new revisions incorporated.

You can be confident that any adjustments implemented in the website’s privacy policy are in accordance with its dedication to providing users with the utmost quality and secure experience.