SWERTRES RESULT Today, Saturday, April 23, 2022

SWERTRES RESULT – Here is the official result of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Swertres lotto draw.

Daily, a huge part of the populace is taking chances by playing lotto games. The lotto games got monetary jackpot prizes including the Swertres Lotto.

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For today’s draw, here’s the Swertres Result ():

9pm: Swertres Result

Swertres Lotto Result Jackpot Prize: Php 4,500.00

,(Swertres previous Lotto Draw result)

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How to play the Swertres Lotto?

  • Select a combination composed of three numbers from 1 to 9. you may also take the lucky pick or the computer combination in case you don’t have a combination in mind,
  • Select the amount of your bet in the amount column.
  • Choose the numbers of draw you want to bet.
  • Pay for the total amount.
  • Wait for your official Lotto ticket.

Swertres lotto draw history
April 21, 2022: 2pm: 2-8-1 5pm: 8-4-6 9pm: 8-7-1
April 20, 2022: 2pm: 7-5-1 5pm: 1-2-6 9pm: 6-0-6
April 19, 2022: 2pm: 0-6-5 5pm: 8-1-8 9pm: 7-1-2
April 18, 2022: 2pm: 8-3-9 5pm: 3-5-5 9pm: 3-6-8
April 17, 2022: 2pm: No Draw 5pm: No Draw 9pm: No Draw
April 16, 2022: 2pm: No Draw 5pm: No Draw 9pm: No Draw
April 15, 2022: 2pm: No Draw 5pm: No Draw 9pm: No Draw
April 14, 2022: 2pm: No Draw 5pm: No Draw 9pm: No Draw
April 13, 2022: 2pm: 1-3-9 5pm: 4-7-8 9pm: 5-1-7
April 12, 2022: 2pm: 8-6-6 5pm: 7-4-2 9pm: 8-0-7
April 11, 2022: 2pm: 0-4-3 5pm: 9-5-4 9pm: 7-7-8
April 10, 2022: 2pm: 5-6-1 5pm: 6-0-6 9pm: 2-6-8
April 9, 2022: 2pm: 8-0-0 5pm: 5-2-8 9pm: 9-7-9
April 8, 2022: 2pm: 4-5-7 5pm: 6-5-6 9pm: 3-4-0
April 7, 2022: 2pm: 2-0-3 5pm: 3-6-7 9pm: 5-7-5
April 6, 2022: 2pm: 9-2-6 5pm: 2-4-3 9pm: 5-0-8
April 5, 2022: 2pm: 5-0-0 5pm: 8-5-1 9pm: 0-5-1

How to claim your price?

  1. Go to the nearest PCSO Lotto outlet.
  2. Present your winning ticket for verification.
  3. claim your winning price.

Reminders in playing the swertres Lotto:

  • Swertres Lotto is held daily every 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM, 7days a week except during holidays.
  • You must be 18 years old and above to join the PCSO Lotto game. In claiming the winning prize, the same age requirement is needed from the player.
  • according to PCSO, the lotto prizes which are Php. 10,000.00 above are subject to tax in line with the implementation of the train Law.
  • Do not iron, fold, soak in water, or write anything in your lotto ticket except the portion designated for your name and signature.
  • don’t forget to write your name and signature in your Lotto Ticket.
  • Swertres and other Lotto Draws are subject to changes in draw schedules especially during holidays.
  • Lotto draw results are unpredictable, avoid persons offering Swertres Lotto winning numbers in exchange for money, personal information, or cellular loads.
  • Observe safety protocols when playing in the PCSO Lotto outlets.

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